How creatives can use technology to make work that’s more human

How creatives can use technology to make work that’s more human

December 2019

Culture is moving at blink-and-you-missed-it speeds. For creatives who need to make work that resonates, keeping their finger on the pulse is tougher than ever. Hear how executive creative director and AdColor-award winner Shannon Washington uses data and technology to understand the world today — and to create work that’s more human.


Think with Google Presents Data-Inspired Creativity


Some creatives, they’ll see technology as this existential threat. But, I don’t know, in my opinion, technology helps me make work that’s more human.


I don’t think creatives should be fearful of data, in terms of how it affects our process.


It allows us to work better. I think it allows us to work smarter and faster. And if you think that these things are here to challenge you, or challenge your place in our industry and in our society — not at all. We have to evolve.


You know, it’s not necessarily going to replace me, if anything it’s going to help me do better work.


It’s always interesting when you’re able to find different cross-sections of culture, because culture has become so fragmented, and it’s not, you know, one size fits all.


From a creative standpoint, the data that we were able to get from YouTube and Google together was really, really instrumental in helping us make sure that the work was authentic and successful.


That is the magic that we are always trying to find in our industry. We are always trying to uncover a new truth, a new insight that allows us to do our work better.


When creativity and technology intersect, they do have the power to change the way that we look at the world, the way that we work, the way that we view things — and each other.


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