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  1. “You can learn anything at any point in your life.” 5 women in Google Marketing share their anecdotes on the topic of career growth.

    Today, the world celebrates International Women’s Day.
  2. We worked with the to analyze gender bias in 2.7 million YouTube videos. Explore the data to see how people respond to inclusive storytelling.

    Although women were less represented overall in films, female-led films earned 16% more than male-led films at the box office.

Source:  “Diversity and Inclusivity Report: Gender in YouTube Advertising,” November 2019.
  3. Strong, inclusive corporate cultures start by changing habits. To help inspire innovation in your workplace, here are your go-to resources.

    “There's an appetite for stories that truly reflect the complexity and diversity of our world. Brands that respect that diversity will earn the trust of their audiences.” Geena Davis, Founder, Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media at Mount Saint Mary’s University

Source: “What 2.7M YouTube ads reveal about gender bias in marketing,” October 2019.
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  5. In celebration of on March 8, 5 women in Google Marketing share inspiring anecdotes on the topic of career growth.

    “It’s OK to be picky because you have to navigate yourself through your career and be responsible for your own decisions and choices.” Kazuha Okuda, Strategy Lead, Google Brand Studio, APAC

Source: “Women in marketing: 5 Google leaders share their career stories and advice,” March 2020.
  6. When it comes to travel, the customer journey can be chaotic. See why this is an opportunity for marketers.

    Connect across the journey with machine learning
Machine learning makes it possible to analyze millions of nuanced interactions within seconds.

Source: “We’re always thinking about travel,” January 2020.
  7. See how one company not only embarked on a rebrand, but gained over 80% of brand awareness within a year.

    Ad impact is supercharged when people are exposed to both search and video ads versus search alone.

Source: “Reinvent your brand and grow your base by combining video and search,” February 2020.
  8. Executive Creative Director and award winner shares how data-inspired creativity allows us to work smarter and faster.

  9. How did merge its online and offline channels to significantly drive growth? Discover its strategy.

    By being hyperrelevant to its audiences, H&R Block could break through the noise and give consumers what they were looking for in the moment.

  10. The video, “The Most Searched: A Celebration of Black History Makers,” honors the icons and moments that were searched more than any others in the U.S. Get the full story.

  11. We conclude our series with practical advice and solutions from marketing leaders on how the industry can ensure representation.

  12. In Part 3 of our series, we hear what can happen when companies create an inclusive workplace.

  13. In Part 2 of our series, industry leaders help us better understand the difference between diversity and inclusion. Hear what they have to say.

  14. In Part 1 of our Diversity & Inclusion video series, industry leaders from around the world share their definitions of both concepts.

  15. Diversity and inclusion is a topic that continues to shape the future of marketing. To help inspire change in your organization, here are go-to resources.

  16. Different needs spark different consumer journeys. Google’s breaks them down to help marketers be more impactful.

  17. When Ebates decided to rebrand as , it found success by combining video and search. Here’s how it achieved fast results.

    3 ways to grow your base by combining video and search
Understand consumer perceptions to influence your approach
Customize creative based on marketing objective
Make video and search work together

Source: “Reinvent your brand and grow your base by combining video and search,” February 2020.
  18. Retailers: The time to invest in marketing personalization is now. Dive into the research to understand why and how to get started.

    Customers indicated they are 40% more likely to spend more than planned when experiences are highly personalized. 

Source: “You don’t just need personalization — you need the right personalization,” January 2020.
  19. When Google Brand Studio discovered that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Dream” speech was the most searched in history in the U.S., it sparked a powerful idea. Get the full story.

  20. The Think with Google Insights Library is your one-stop shop to explore, download, and share the latest Google research. Dive in.


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